Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

When in doubt, ignore the rest of the world

The last two days have been a bit better. I finished my second galley yesterday and was able to get some editing done. Today, I went and visited a friend to deliver her birthday gifts and had a socially distanced visit in her driveway. Her life has been insanely interesting the past month, with stories about discovering a new half-brother and the possibility of having found her bio father. Her mom was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor to have all three of her kids, a detail my friend learned when she was a teenager. With the advent of all the DNA kits that are out there now, she has discovered two new half-sibs (including the brother who thinks he found their bio dad). So, kind of exciting for her.

As a bonus, my favorite cupcake place is right by my friend's house, so I decided to treat us. I ordered lunch from our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and bought cupcakes to surprise my family with. It was so yummy.

I had the first cooking lesson in the Gordon Ramsay class this morning. The first three were all about his history, how he organizes his kitchen, the goodness of vegetables. The first actual cooking thing was how to do the perfect poached egg, with this recipe for poached egg and mushrooms on brioche. I never had anyone teach me how to make a poached egg before. I had my own method, but while it's edible, it's not pretty, so I wanted to learn how to make them properly. The recipe itself was mostly okay. We loved the brioche, and the eggs turned out well, but the bacon/mushroom to egg ratio was waaaaay off. The egg might as well have not been there. But, the important thing is, I can repeat the egg method, which is all that matters.

I'm not doing the next cooking lesson. It's for scrambled eggs, and I've tried his method before. I don't like it. Plus, his recipe in the masterclass calls for sea urchin tongues and truffle oil. I have never even heard of sea urchin tongues before. It's just not realistic cooking, especially during a pandemic.

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