Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bring in da noise, bring in da funk

Another funky mood day. None of it was helped by the fact that I spent an hour of my time - split up between this morning and this afternoon - talking to the CS of a company about a delivery that went missing. I'm getting a refund, but it really messes up plans. I did not need that today.

We lost our power in the middle of the night for about an hour and a half. How do I know? Because all the damn alarms Craig's got on things to alert us if they lose power (refrigerators, for instance) went off at 2am. The house was very loud. Alicia freaked out because she thought somebody was breaking in downstairs. It messed up all our sleeping.

Which probably didn't help my mood. I did manage to get the next 1k done on an Arthur/Percival story, as well as two chapters of my next galley. So at least the day was productive. I avoided looking at anything political, because I just couldn't deal with it today. I avoided any covid news because same reason. And I got to have some mindless fun playing Uno with the kids tonight, so there's that.

I really need to start scheduling exercise into my day. I'm sure that will probably make a difference. Alicia is now officially done with her classes, so I can have her as an exercise buddy.

Speaking of classes, it's looking more and more like Alex will be taking virtual classes in the fall instead of being on campus. And GW is announcing on June 15 what they're going to do next year, but Alicia isn't holding out hope for much since it has such a geographically diverse student body. So I guess we'll see.

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