Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Why am I in a good mood? I have no idea

I had to run out this morning for our weekly groceries, and ohmygod, the store was a ZOO. Yes, everybody was wearing masks, but there were way too many. Probably because the store had everything in stock. If there's a meat shortage coming, this store sure didn't see it. But I bought a fair amount (nothing too outrageous - 2 packs of chicken breasts, some hamburger, and a whole chicken) to put in the freezer, so it was at least worth it being around all those people.

I didn't get a whole lot done when I got home, but oddly enough, my mood improved more and more as my day went on. I was bouncing off the walls after dinner. No idea why. Not going to argue. It's kind of nice to be relaxed and happy and not dwelling on things I can't control.

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