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All weeks should start like this

Three weeks back on Weight Watchers, and I'm down 10.9 pounds. I gained 19 pounds during the covid lockdown (seriously, I thought it was a little funny that I hit that number, too), so it's a bit of a relief to get over half of that off already. I had help with hormonal stuff this past week, but I'm finding it relatively easy to stick to the healthier choices so far. I even made a carrot cake with orange mascarpone frosting today and had a single small piece with no desire to eat any more. Not because it wasn't good, but because I had what I wanted. Getting rid of most of the sugar from my diet kills my desire for snacking, and my appetite itself seems a bit smaller when it comes time for meals. Most of the time, anyway. :)

In other good news, Alicia got her second shot this morning. So far, she hasn't had any side effects, so fingers crossed it stays that way.
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Couldn't ask for a better day

A busy day in a good way. First off, I got to spend three hours with my friend L, to go shopping and then have a long chat over coffee. She's been vaccinated for months - she's a nurse - so it was just a blessing to be able to spend so much time with her. Plus, I bought her an early birthday gift that she wouldn't have bought for herself, so that makes me feel good.

I ended up getting home around 2:30, at which time Craig asked me, "Feel like going sofa shopping?" We want to replace the 15 y/o sofa set we have in the media room, and we have a couple very flush months coming up, so now is the time for us to buy. With Alicia's new boyfriend over at least twice a week, the media room is getting a lot more use and they really hate the couches in there. So it's time. Our only problem is there's nothing local we like. We ended driving out to Berkeley because Craig had found a store that also had a ton of Amish-made wooden furniture. It was a great store, but not for couches. However, when we replace our bedroom set (our current set is a solid oak set we bought used 25 years ago), we are definitely going back. Oh, and when we need to replace our dining room set.

We still had a ton of time, however, and there are a ton of shops in that area, so Alicia and I picked out a different store about a mile down the road to try. It's a custom sofa shop, so I'll admit, I didn't have much hope. But it turned out to be the best decision of our day. It's a small local business, but the owner was amazing. Never tried the hard sell, just told us about all the things he could get customized for us. Plus, it's all quality materials and built in SoCal, so we could have our order in four weeks. We walked out with a variety of specs on the sectional we liked best, but as soon as we were in the car, Craig said, "So we're coming back tomorrow, right?" Because not only was that shop perfect for us, but it's surrounded by all these specialty shops and restaurants. Within three blocks of the store, we found an Indian grocery, two Thai restaurants, a Pakistani restaurant, a Greek deli, two privately owned coffee shops, and a half dozen other shops I'd love to poke my nose into. If we don't go back tomorrow, it's definitely happening next weekend. The specs we brought home are perfect for the media room, and once the kids are out of the house, I'll be able to use it to work comfortably because the sectional has a chaise end.

So yeah. A pretty great Saturday.
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Absolutely exhausted

Alicia wants to go to Disneyland. Apparently, they're only opening for California residents for the next couple months, at 25% capacity, and the fact that she will be fully vaccinated soon (she gets her second shot on Monday) has her wanting to get out a little. Plus the boyfriend really wants to go. We told her that if she wanted, we would drive to LA with her for a long weekend and just visit friends who have been vaccinated (that we haven't seen in 18 months), maybe do some shopping. But no way am I going to Disney yet. Not when it first opens after people haven't been able to go for a year. It will be insane, even at 25% capacity. They've had to create a queue system just for people to get tickets/reservations (because they're not doing anything at the door, you have to buy beforehand). Plus, too hot to be standing in lines. She didn't book anything yet, but I won't be surprised if she does.

Alex got his first shot yesterday and has had zero side effects. Another win. My baby sister, unfortunately, has not been so lucky. She's on her second day of low-grade fever and aches and is pretty miserable. Still better than Covid.

Work is work. It's been a little frustrating because the other aides aren't pulling their weight. We're supposed to be getting the library ready for reopening in ten days, which for us means making the stacks/shelves look good again. As of last Friday, there were only three more sections that needed to be done (and I'd done 75% of the sections that were finished). None of it happened this week. In fact, they're not even maintaining the finished sections, so now there's a fourth section that has to be redone completely. Craig is on my case for caring too much about a job that doesn't pay a whole lot, but damn it, it's not rocket science. I shouldn't be finding the stupid mistakes every single day. The same mistakes. Even when they've been told to be more careful. *headthunk*
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Lots of good stuff today

An interesting day. We had to go close the library at 2 because of power issues so I got to go home early. Freaked out the family because they thought something was wrong or that I'd finally gotten sick of Sloth Girl and quit.

To take advantage of the fact that my weigh-ins are on Monday, the family and I ate out tonight, at a restaurant, for the first time in over 13 months. It felt a little weird, but it was oh so good. I even managed not to go over my points for the day with my food choices so maybe I won't have to work so hard the rest of the week to counteract the damage.

In better news, Alex is scheduled for his first vaccination shot on Thursday. It's such a massive relief to see the light at the end of this tunnel. The world is a different place now, but not being terrified that an unpredictable, contagious disease could hit and take a part of my family is worth any changes we have to live with.
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Sunday 7

I've been lazy about posting this week, but I can at least get my Sunday 7 done.

1. Craig and I booked our anniversary getaway to Napa. Three days, a Sunday-Tuesday, with wine tastings and downtown shopping and a fireplace in our suite. It'll be bliss.

2. Alicia was elected President of the GW Bands for 2021-2022. I'm so proud of her. :)

3. I'm officially all vaccinated.

4. I had suggested to my manager since we lost a staff computer on Tuesday, leaving me with much less to do, that I work a mid-shift on Wednesday instead since that is a heavier day for us. She thought it was an excellent idea, even though it left one aide all alone on Tuesday. Well, when I went in on Wednesday, I discovered just how badly things had gone on Tuesday without my presence. The aide on Tuesday - lets call her Sloth Girl, which is not an exaggeration - was even slower than she is on days when we work together. The adult/teen librarian told me he thought I pushed Sloth Girl to work harder with my presence. That's just scary because I've always thought she was horrifically slow. But on top of that, my manager decided it wouldn't work at all without me there on Tuesdays. She fought with the safety people who'd taken away our extra computer until they figured out a way to give it back, thus providing me with a station so that my presence on Tuesdays is actually useful. I go back to my original schedule next week, which I'm okay with. It's kind of a nice little ego boost, plus there's the added bonus that they got to see for themselves just how useless Sloth Girl really is.

5. Getting caught up on the various blogs I follow, and I got to see some of Kelly Tran's promo work for "Raya and the Last Dragon", and let me tell you, she has never looked better.

6. The scale is still going in the right direction. Down.

7. I've had some random reviews on AO3 this week on older stories, and they've done wonders for my spirit.
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All vaccinated

I got my second vaccine shot yesterday morning. My mid-afternoon, I was really tired, but I pushed through and forced myself to stay up until 9pm. That's when I crashed and slept through until 9am this morning. That's a lot of sleep for me. I'm usually midnight to 7am. But I feel normal now, and my arm doesn't even hurt that much, so fingers crossed that was the worst of it.

One of the shows Craig and I watched last night in an attempt to keep me awake was Ozark. I've loved Jason Bateman since I was in junior high, and the show seemed right up our alley. We're three episodes in, and we're both really enjoying it so far. It doesn't have as much humor as I would like to counter the darkness, but it's definitely got its moments. Craig's only problem with it so far is that he sees Laura Linney and immediately thinks of her from The Truman Show. Especially in those first couple episodes. She got more of a backbone in the third, so hopefully, she will break away more for Craig to appreciate what a good actress she really is.
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Sunday 7

My weekly list of things that made me happy or smile this past week.

1. (And most important) Craig is fully vaccinated now, woo hoo! No negative effects except for the sore arm that is fine now.

2. I took this silly quiz about what random Merlin background character I was, and got the following result, which made me smile:

3. This photoshoot of Danny Ramirez. Craig and I started watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier this week, which he's on. I really like this kid.

4. After one week back on WW, I'm down 6.4 pounds. Yes, it's water weight, but I'll take it. :)

5. This video of Robin Williams and Carol Burnett made me laugh out loud:

6. Through her boyfriend, Alicia has discovered how much fun playing Magic the Gathering is. She has since become obsessed, so on a whim, she started checking some of my old cards (I played in college and in my 20s, and have held onto all my cards from back then) to see if they were worth anything. So far, we've discovered over $1000 worth in about 25 cards. The most valuable one so far sells for $400. It'll be a nice piece of change when we're all done.

7. I surprised the kids with Easter baskets today for the first time in ten years and shocked the hell out of them. We'd had a tradition the past decade where the kids take the money I would've spent on the baskets and go shopping the day after Easter. They liked getting more stuff and thought the surprise of finding out what was left over was fun. But seeing them so genuinely delighted with the surprise basket today pretty much made my whole day.
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Taking a step forward

Last weekend, I rejoined Weight Watchers (WW). I did the online version with the access to all the livecoaching. What finally prompted me to buckle down? I got on the scale on Saturday and saw that the number was higher than it has been in a decade. It was my final straw.

It's been going well so far. I know this is all water weight this first week, but it helps to see the scale drop so dramatically. It's still 13 pounds over where I started covid lockdown at, but I'm confident I can get it off. I'm feeling extra motivated about it all.

In other news, Craig got his second shot today. Twelve hours later, he still doesn't have any side effects, so fingers crossed tomorrow is just as good. I'm so relieved he's fully vaccinated now. Since I get my second on Monday, we've been talking about what we want to do for our anniversary this year. It's on Memorial Day weekend this year, but I don't want to fly anywhere yet if I don't have to. That meant something drivable. We considered Vegas, but the show I really want to see isn't slated to reopen until August so I vetoed that. Reno was the next possibility, which would be great to see manoah since she'd be fully vaccinated by that point, too, but then Craig said he'd much prefer to go to Napa - only an hour drive from us - and spoil ourselves rotten. It's still almost two months off, so things might change, but it's looking like Napa will win. Sorry, manoah. I will figure out another way to come up to see you.
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First Line Meme

It's been a while since I did a fic meme. :)

Snagged from scripsi, but I'm not going to tag anybody specifically to do it. Just go for it if you feel the urge.

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favourite opening line. Then tag 10 authors!

Collapse )

1. The biggest pattern is a single line of short, untagged dialogue. I do that a lot, both in original and fanfic.
2. Most of the rest are a balance of internal mood and setting the scene using as evocative words as I can manage to grab the reader.

My favorite of all of these is #13, because it both sets the scene with sensory information and detail, and informs about who exactly Arthur is.