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Week from hell

This has been the week from HELL. I had to deal with Giving Tuesday for the theater, which was a complete time suck and at the end of the day, not very fruitful. I had to get the raffle baskets put together for the show that ran Friday and Saturday, but that had to be done by Thursday evening because I worked on Friday morning, then Craig and I went into SF to see Summer (the Donna Summer musical). That, at least was a welcome relief. But we got home at midnight and I had to get up early to work Saturday morning. I was supposed to work at the show on Saturday night, but when I got home from the library, my right ankle/foot was swollen and throbbing so badly I couldn't walk on it. I iced it and proceeded to beg off on working because there was no way I could usher on my feet for an hour.

Within all that, I had a galley to finish, more raffle baskets to get done for our band concert this upcoming week, and Alex's senior ad to prep/submit. This coming week, I have a booster meeting, a concert, and three days of baking to prep for the concert. Plus, I got another galley today, I work on Tuesday, and at some point, I need to get some writing done. Oh, and Alex's 18th birthday is next Saturday.

On the plus side, we discovered a British couple who are butchers that have a shop online, so we've managed to order English sausages and bacon, as well as pork pies, to try at the end of this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I haven't had a good Lincolnshire since 2012.
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Sunday 7

It's late but I need to focus on the good of the past week because the next two days are going to be hell.

1. Thanksgiving with the family/extended family. Obviously. But Alicia got to be home for a week, and R got to come up from Texas with her husband, and in spite of cramping on Thursday night putting me in a cranky mood, it was pretty great four days.

2. Getting the Christmas tree up today. We couldn't tackle outdoor decorations because of the wind and rain, but the tree is especially pretty this year.

3. The ET and Elliott reunion commercial. Yes, I cried. I love that movie.

4. Pictures of the Municipal Law Library in Munich. Oh, so gorgeous.

5. I finished Where the Crawdads Sing and cried more than once during it. I don't read a lot of newer releases, mostly because I try to read the oldest books in my TBR pile first (unless it's part of a series I'm reading or an author I love), but I had three people recommend this to me over a four-day period in September, so I took it as a sign. I put it on hold at the library and only got it last week. But in spite of a couple of my personal hangups in writing, I fell into this book HARD. Evocative is the best word to describe it.

6. I got to see Frozen 2 with my family in the comfy theater at our local cinema. I liked it, but the best part was getting to experience it with the people I love. Oh, and Olaf.

7. I finally got to catch up on The Good Place with Alicia. It only gets better and better, doesn't it?
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Sunday 7

I love this time of year, even if I'm always stressed.

1. My FIL arrived on Friday, safe and sound. So far, so good.

2. I adored this interview with Jonathan Groff, most especially it's got footage of him playing Mary Poppins at the age of three, with his mother's full support.

3. I got a call from R, the oldest daughter of our Thanksgiving friends/family (she's the one who lived with me last year to finish her nursing program, then got married this past summer), that her husband actually got the leave he'd requested and they'd be able to make it back to California to join us and her family here for Thanksgiving, after we had already resigned ourselves to our first Thanksgiving without everybody present. So we have a full house this week. Yay!

4. Discovering Godfrey Gao. Holy crap, that man is pretty.

5. A new showerhead! The ensuite for the room my FIL uses when he's here doesn't get used very often, so we discovered on Saturday morning that it was pretty blocked up from our hard water. When they went to Costco for that part of our holiday shopping, Craig picked up a new one to try out. It was so glorious, I decided I wanted one for our shower, too. Since I've been complaining about wanting a new shower, Craig figured this was a much cheaper solution to make me happy for a while longer. So yay for more water pressure and more options!

6. Turnout for Alex's winter guard is extraordinary this year. Last year, they had about eight kids. This year, it looks like they're going to have twenty.

7. Being completely done with the grocery shopping for the next week. Craig is going to run out and get the one thing from Safeway I couldn't find this morning, and Alicia and Alex will go out on Wednesday morning to pick up cheese and olives for Friday apps, but my part is ALL DONE!!! Well, the shopping anyway, lol.
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Productivity makes the world go 'round

My theatre group finally had something fun for me to do - attend/represent the board at a showcase at the library - and I couldn't make it because the band boosters had exactly zero parent volunteers to help with uniform return tonight. So of course I had to go help with that. We got lucky and a couple parents stuck around to help when they saw there were only three of us (checking in 70+ uniforms in a two-hour time period), so it turned out all right in the end. Still, lazy entitled parents suck.

But my Giving Tuesday stuff is going along nicely and the board seems very happy with what I've accomplished so far. That takes some of the pressure off.

I also got Christmas shopping done for two of my nieces and their mom's (my sister) birthday present taken care of since her birthday is on Saturday. I work both tomorrow and Saturday, plus I have to get the grocery list for four days of Thanksgiving holiday food done tomorrow night, plus my FIL arrives tomorrow. So yeah, I crossed her birthday off my list two days early. I don't think she minded, lol.
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Up and down today

I'm going to admit, I lost a couple hours this morning watching the impeachment inquiry. And as glad as I am that this is just more evidence that Trump deserves to be impeached, the Republicans who keep cherry-picking what they hear to deny there was any wrongdoing are driving me INSANE. "But Trump told him in a call that he wanted nothing!" Oh, you mean the call that came after the White House learned about a whistleblower and that they'd been caught? They're such idiots. Plus, the fact that during a big chunk of Sondland's questioning, there were only THREE Republicans in the room, when all Democrats were in attendance, makes me sick to my stomach.

Sorry. It just pisses me off to no end, even with how much good was done today.

Craig's dad gets here on Friday, so I spent time today cleaning to get ready for him. I'm not done, but I made good headway.

And now, I'm going to hit the hot tub and try to sweat away the day's frustrations.
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(no subject)

Theatre board meeting tonight. I survived. I had to show the progress I'd made on the Giving Tuesday campaign, which meant showing the website, discussing what was to come, and going over the new perks packages. All were well received, but then the artistic director - the control freak who keeps trying to move goalposts with no notice - started up on how to use the business sponsorship design I came up with in approaching businesses in December about the festival they got the grant for, and that opened up a whole 'nother can of worms. I kept saying the sponsorship was for broader picture stuff and wouldn't apply, but she wasn't listening. She then started whining about how bad it looked that they were doing this three months ahead of time instead of seven or eight. I might've been a little snappish when I repeated what I said at the retreat - that I wasn't planning for this since I hadn't been a part of it - and then I added that maybe this was something they should've considered last summer instead of FOUR MONTHS BEFORE THE EVENT. In the end, I talked her out doing this in December and instead focusing on other businesses for that month, then trying to create partnerships with downtown businesses for the festival starting in January. Since that was what the grant was for in the first place. Partnerships. Not soliciting money.


I got home and decided to relax with a movie, so I watched "My Life as a Zucchini." It's a Swiss/French stop-action movie that was nominated for Best Animated Feature for 2016, and oh my goodness, what a charming, unexpected film. The story is actually really simple, about a boy who has to go into a group home after his alcoholic mother dies, but there's such a genuineness about it and the emotions it evokes. Its subject matter might be dark, but it's remarkably tender and tugged at my heartstrings. It's not very long, only 70 minutes, so if you haven't seen it and can find it (I checked mine out from the library), I highly recommend it.
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Sunday 7

Craig has left for two days for Seattle, so focusing on good/happy/smiley stuff is even more important as I anticipate a crappy night's sleep tonight.

1. I bought tickets for us to see Groundhog Day: The Musical after Christmas. It's next to impossible to buy gifts for my FIL when he's here for Christmas, since he has to take stuff back, so we try to *do* stuff instead. We've wanted to see this for a while because Tim Minchin wrote the music and lyrics, but I'm particularly looking forward to this production because my college friend is playing Phil Connors.

2. My town is doing preliminary work to transform a property into a new public library for us. It's all early stages, but it's a step in the right direction.

3. hollydb mentioned a program called Pacemaker that's basically a project planner. I'm using it as a dynamic word budget program for a writing project, and it's the bomb. It adjusts my daily word goal based how much I get done, and I'm totally in love with it.

4. Watching 7-year-old Judy Garland sing.

5. Jason Momoa. Not just because of how pretty he is, but also because of this interview he did with Kelly Clarkson this week.

6. Finding out Stephen King's house is going to become an archive and writer's retreat.

7. My friend L just closed on a new house for her family, and she took me to go see it. It's a great house, but the previous owners left a few weird things behind. Like three massive, hand-blown glass fish mounted over the mantel, two more beaded fish - each at least a foot across - hanging from the ceiling in an upstairs bathroom, and a snake skin nailed to one of the kids' bedrooms. The whole weirdness of it all was hysterical.
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I hate hypocrites

The selected memory/hypocrisy of Republicans supporting Trump is driving me insane. I have a cousin who is complaining on his FB page about how Democrats have been trying to screw with the government the past three years, and that we should just grow up.

The House has passed or agreed to 389 resolutions and 151 resolutions in 2019, but McConnell has ignored most of them. Don't get me started on the shit McConnell pulled about Merrick Garland, or his blatant statements about stonewalling Obama's presidency.

And in fact, the House has passed 17 major bills and resolutions since the impeachment inquiry launched.

But none of them want to hear that. They want to listen to Fox talking points. They want to believe statements made by people who refuse to testify under oath rather than those who are willing to swear to the truth.

It's been one of those days.
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House stuffs

This week was not so supposed to be so busy. On the one hand, I've gotten a lot of stuff done. Not necessarily the work I'd planned, but a good portion of it. On the other, how can tomorrow be Thursday already?!?

We're planning on doing some redesigning in our house over the next couple months. Not remodeling, but making it more functional in the way we use it. First, I want a lighted hanging pot rack over the island in my kitchen. I got new pans for my birthday, and they don't stack the way my current set does. I've always hated the light fixtures over the island, too, so it's a way to kill two birds with one stone. Craig is pretty sure it's a job he and his dad could do, too. We're going shopping this weekend to find what I want.

We've been planning on getting a wine refrigerator, too, but that will require moving stuff around to find a good place for it. We have cupboards in the media room that I use for crafts, but they were originally purchased for our dining room in the UK, so one of them would look perfectly in place in the kitchen area. That opens the door to getting new storage solutions for the media room, which we've been in dire need of for years. Our games fit pretty awkwardly in the cupboards. I've wanted open shelving there that can accommodate all the different sized boxes, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to finally outfit it right. Plus, the space was utilized as sleepover space for the kids and their friends, and that use just isn't necessary anymore. I'd like to split it up so that it's half gaming, half craft space, but we'll see. The point is to make it fit what our lifestyles are, not what they were.

I think I'm feeling these nesting tendencies because Alicia has been saying the past couple weeks that we should get a smaller house, that we don't need all the space we do since both of them will be at college starting next September. It's not going to happen. I love my house. I have no desire to move until the kids are out of college and know a little bit more about where they might end up. At the very least, we need our current house because it has a downstairs bedroom with its own bathroom for Craig's dad and my mom when they visit. But I really wish she would stop making these comments.
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7 things that made this past week worthwhile

I'm going to start using my Sunday post as a way of taking stock of things that made my previous week worthwhile. It'll force me to focus on what makes me smile rather than dwell on negatives, I think.

1. The TV show Justified. I started watching it a little over a week ago, and Craig happened to come out and sit on the couch during episode 3. He was hooked within an episode, so we've been bingeing that when we have time. We are currently halfway through Season 3, and I'm so in love with Timothy Olyphant, it's not even funny.

2. I have no Christmas parties to go to this year that I'm aware of yet, but I couldn't resist ordering this rainbow sequin trapeze dress. The style tends to look good on me, so I have high hopes. And damn it, I'll find a reason to wear it somehow.

3. This Season 3 Stranger Things blooper. Between seeing Finn reassure David that he can do this and Millie slipping into her natural accent, it makes me giggle.

4. Manny Jacinto's cheekbones.

5. Being told that people who put up Christmas decorations early are happier. I am not going to feel guilty this year. :)

6. I finished Night Whispers by Alisha Rai. It was my first book by this author, and I had to check it out of the library since the publisher is now defunct, but it was well worth it even though it was obviously meant as the first of a series and now that the author has gone on to mainstream success in a different romance genre, it probably won't happen. Still, I'm going to pull her books out of my TBR pile to read some more.

7. While we were out yesterday, I picked up our personalized family Christmas ornament for this year.