Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bits and pieces from the weekend

Go ahead. Ask me if I'm ready for this week. Or if I've hit my writing responsibilities/deadlines.

I shall just be sitting here, laughing hysterically at the ridiculous notion that either answer is yes.

Crazy weekend, though. Lots of cleaning/moving stuff around because of the upcoming holiday and our guests. We just got a new (to us) dinette set that we had to pick up and bring in, which meant moving/emptying the old one (part of which included moving the old table upstairs so we can use it for a new gaming/crafting table, it's 6' long without the leaves, needless to say it was a bitch). But it turned out pretty nice in the end:


Time sucks also occurred when I got to talk to my sister for a couple hours last night (yesterday was her birthday, and we get to talk about once a month these days) and then popping in last year's Christmas episode of "Call the Midwife." Ah, those British Christmas specials. You gotta love a culture that celebrates with thoughts of, "Your house didn't blow up! Merry Christmas!"

I have plenty of spots still open for LJ topics in December, by the way. Don't be shy. Tell me what to talk about. :)
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