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This week's TV

I finally got to watch TV last night, so I have a few thoughts. Nothing in depth (especially for Outlander since it took me so long), mostly reactions, but there will be spoilers so everything will be behind a cut.

Outlander: Needless to say, it was pretty darn great. Was I fussed about the ring choice? Not really. I loved the format, though. I will admit I was a tad worried when it began after the ceremony, but the slow reveals throughout fit with the gradual break-down of Claire's fears and defenses. Granted, the alcohol helped with that, too, lol. But Heughan and Balfe were lovely and en pointe. And female gaze, FTW!

Bones: I had no idea John Francis Daley was leaving the show. I was sobbing at the ending. I have always loved Sweets. He's such a wonderful counterpoint to Bones and Booth. I will miss him terribly.

How To Get Away with Murder: I love Viola Davis. I thought she was stunning in this. The show is more than I expected it to be, which is a nice surprise. I'm withholding judgment on the younger actors so far, but I gotta love a show that pushes the boundaries on network television. I mean, come on. Viola Davis getting oral, and guys rimming? On cable, not a big deal at all. Granted, it took almost twenty years after they did it with NYPD blue, but it's still good.

I still have Gotham and black-ish recorded that I need to try.
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