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Not all my work is up at AO3. I still have several long Buffy fics to get up there. However, there are 111 unique entries, almost 975,000 words in total.

Top 5 by Hits:

1. Covet (Morgana/Uther) - The absolute only reason I can see why this might be up there is because it's the perviest thing I have posted and there's an incest tag.
2. The Road Taken (Arthur/Merlin) - unsurprising. A/M is ship of choice and it's a fluffy, cute 10k story.
3. Boys No More (Arthur/Merlin) - again unsurprising. A/M reuniting 30 years after knowing each other.
4. Haven By Chance (Arthur/Percival) - not that surprising. Yes, it's a rare pair, but it's also my longest slash Merlin story at 85k.
5. The Flavor of Midnight (Merlin/Morgana) - no idea. I like this story, but it always strikes me as weird to see it in the top 5 hits.

Top 5 by Kudos:

1. The Road Taken
2. Boys No More
3. Haven by Chance
4. Watching Over Him (Merlin/Percival) - surprising. This is a teeny, non-porny drabble of a rarepair. I love it but...huh.
5. The Men They've Become (Arthur/Merlin) - unsurprising. A/M grown old together.

I'm not surprised that Buffy stories don't show up in these. It's an older fandom, and I'm not a current writer. My yuletide fic from 2013 has the most comments, unsurprisingly,
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