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Revelations come at the oddest times

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 12:45
I had a revelation this morning at my WW meeting about my mood swings and doldrums lately.

See, my success last year came at a time when we went mostly vegetarian. I was doing mostly whole foods and mostly limiting complex carbs to beans, lentils, and green vegetables. It worked well for me and in many ways resembled my diet when I went low-carb in my late 20s and got my health under control. (Seriously. Before I went low-carb, I had no regular cycle. I could have three cycles one year and fifteen the next. Six weeks after I eliminated most sugars from my diet, I had a 30-day cycle that has been consistent for the most part for the last 18 years.)

My diet for the past month has shifted. Having a third teenager in the house, especially one who lives on carbs and has a metabolism that doesn't quit, has me cooking more of them. With WW, as long as you track and don't go over your points for the day, you can eat whatever you want. So I started eating more carbs.

I'm convinced that's the root of the problem. In spite of being on track in every possible way--and at the middle of my cycle when my weight is lowest--my weight is actually four pounds higher than it was three weeks ago. Plus, I know for a fact--from monitoring my blood sugar for three years straight with my pregnancies since I had gestational diabetes--that my body reacts very negatively to sugar in any form. My mood swings are very indicative to my blood sugar going bonkers. It's happened in the past, but it's been a while and I'd forgotten until this morning.

So I'm cleaning everything out. I just have to deal with the fact that I can't eat like the kids do and make my own food. My health and wellbeing pretty much demand it.

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I couldn't resist

Posted on 08/25/2016 at 15:11
I was too curious not to try the self-knowledge quiz when I kept seeing the result spring up around LJ, and then my results were not quite what I expected.


You have a strong sense of potential and an intense drive to accomplish difficult things. The core of this is your ability to hold together the big goals and the daily efforts. Where other people’s hopes collapse when they encounter the tedium of the journey, you keep coming back. Oddly, it is actually your ability to endure feeling unheroic that counts. You know the power of working away solidly on what’s in front of you.


You don’t set out to be different for its own sake; you are more easily guided by what interests and moves you. You are more concerned about what is right for you than about the pressure to fit in. In sex you are more aware than others of impulses which are not entirely conventional. You know the value of selective irresponsibility, of forgetting occasionally about being ‘good’.


One part of your character is anger in all its forms: frustration, outrage – and when anger is suppressed – bitterness, grumpiness, and bodily aches. Fundamentally, frustration comes from hope: you get upset because you expect your life will be more than a valley of tears. One way to deny aggression is to direct it inwards, as self-criticism. But you’re at your best when you acknowledge anger, and act it out clearly and in a focussed way, with honor.

So...I think ambition is spot on. I am highly ambitious. Always have been. I love succeeding at things other people fail at, and I tend to be pretty good at whatever I set my mind to.

Independence is mostly right, too.

It's that aggression one that stopped me when I saw it. My first reaction was, I worked that out a long time ago. But...maybe not. I know when I saw a therapist to deal with my MIL dying in 2012, the first time I'd ever lost someone close to me and I just wasn't dealing with my grief very well, some things came up about my parents that I had never verbalized before and frankly shocked me. I learned early on that showing anger resulted in too many negative responses--my father was abusive, my grandmother was abusive, I was chided for not being more of a grown-up when I was 9 and 10 years old because my mom needed me that way (note: my mom never said that those things to me; it was my grandmother who I saw more than my mom). I swallowed and suppressed a lot of anger. Then I hit that sentence about self-criticism, and oh boy, that's right on the money. I am my own worst critic. Always have been. And I constantly find myself coming up short.

So maybe I've internalized my aggressive tendencies in that respect. I can see that. Though I'd still like to think I'm not an aggressive person, lol.

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Speaking into the void

Posted on 08/23/2016 at 23:28
Seriously annoyed right now.

Tuesdays are discount nights at the movie theater, so that's the night we always try to go. Craig was the one to bring it up last night, in fact, so I figured I'd get a date out of it at least. Turns out, that didn't happen. He had to stay home because our exchange student needed help with her pre-calc, and neither Alicia nor Alex wanted to go to the movies with me. I had nobody else to ask, so I went by myself. Not my favorite thing to do, but I wanted to Hell or High Water before it disappeared, so I went.

I asked one thing before I left. As I was walking out, I asked Craig if the kitchen could get cleaned while I was out. His response was, "Well, the kids can do it." I even put away the one bit of food so all they would have to do was unload the dishwasher and load it up again.

I just got home. Nobody touched the kitchen. When I asked Craig about it, he said, "I thought you were going to tell the kids to do it." When?!? I was walking out the door when I asked, and I was gone for almost three hours. I don't think it's asking too much when I know for a fact Alex had his homework done and was playing video games all night, and Alicia was just goofing around. It's not like they had a ton of other chores that I asked them to do.

Between that and not having anybody to call to see if they could join me for the movie...sucky way to end the day.

Mood downswings are not fun. I've been fighting the doldrums for a week now, and while there have been some ups--we went into San Francisco yesterday and did some touristy stuff we've never done in the 12 years we've lived in the Bay Area, for instance--for the most part, it's been me trying not to sink too low and actually start crying in front of anyone. I don't know why. Nothing seems to have triggered it. I've been mildly productive in getting more of my backlist rehomed, and I got some lovely comments yesterday for that fanfic writer appreciation day thing that was going around. So why the blues, self?

I think part of it is general anger and distaste with my body right now. The hardest part about losing weight when you've been heavy your entire life is all the loose skin, and for me, it's hit hardest on my thighs. They look terrible, and it's increasingly hard for me to not fixate on how awful they look. I know losing weight is better for me--my joints and my general health need it--but seriously, it sucks that it looks so bad as a result. It's not helped that the cysts that have plagued all the women in my family hit me worst on my thighs, too.

My fear and anxiety about dipping my toes back into Spuffy fiction isn't helping, either.

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The Living and the Dead

Posted on 08/17/2016 at 12:47
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I just realized I'd forgotten about Colin Morgan's project, "The Living and the Dead," so I did a quick search and discovered it wasn't picked up for a second season. For those who have seen the first, is it worth looking for? I heard it ended on a cliffhanger, but with shots like this, it's hard not to want to see it anyway...

I rather adore him with facial hair, I must admit.

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Inspired again

Posted on 08/11/2016 at 09:16
So first round claiming is closed over at Elysian Fields, with round two of what's left opening August 12 at midnight (site time). Since our names are now attached to them publicly, I figure it's okay to share which one I got. It's by respice finem, and it's here. I'm really excited about it. Yes, it's most likely an all-human AU, but I couldn't resist a kilt-wearing punk Spike.

And if all goes well, maybe this means I'm back in the fold this time. There were a number of prompts that I thought were interesting, and I still have a few new bunnies that have been hopping around since I started the rewatch. It's fun to be inspired again. :)

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Question for Spuffy readers

Posted on 08/09/2016 at 10:07
So for those active readers in the Spuffy fandom...what's the opinion on all human AUs these days?

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I can't believe I did it

Posted on 08/07/2016 at 08:16
I did something crazy last night. I sent in a claim for the Elysian Fields Artistic Anniversary Challenge. The rewatch has made me hankering to write something, which honest to god is a little terrifying because I haven't been following Spuffy fic for at least seven years so I have no idea what's already out there.

The one thing I hate more than anything else is writing the same old, same old. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get one of the banners I picked. Though in all fairness, my shortlist was double what we could ask for, and the list of banners/claims I liked but decided against while narrowing it down was four times longer, lol.

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I love board games

Posted on 07/31/2016 at 14:57
The best games store in the area for us is about 20 minutes away, and today was their semi-annual Ding & Dent sale. They had 20,000 units--mostly board games--from the warehouse that were slightly damaged for 30-70% off. Our kind of deal. Since the girls were at the overnight camping trip, Alex and I made plans to go just the two of us. It started at 11, but I didn't want to be insane and arrive early. So we got there at 11:10.

It was insane. It's not a huge store to begin with. The floor plan for sales and display is probably 20 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Then there's a large area in the back about half the size of the display floor for gaming when they have it. (They're currently in the process of expanding considerably. It's going to be glorious when they're done.) People were already checking out when we arrived, and the checkout line wound back and forth across the width of the store four times. We had to fight our way through just to get into the line that would get us into the ding & dent sale in the back area. It took us twenty minutes just to get back there and start browsing, then an hour of queueing to buy our stash. Apparently, people started lining up to get into the sale at 7:30. Yeah, I don't think so. Not for board games.

But Alex and I still managed to get away with quite a haul:

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Our family grew today

Posted on 07/29/2016 at 22:36
We got up at five this morning so we could get to the airport on time to pick up our exchange student, who is now here, safely ensconced in our house. She's absolutely adorable. She's also tall, lol. More than ever, I'm the shortie in the family.

She's leaving with Alicia first thing in the morning, however. They're going to Santa Cruz for a camping trip with the leadership program from school. Then on Monday, I'll take her in to get registered for all her classes. She doesn't get much of a break, but she's so eager to throw herself into everything I don't think it's much of a problem. Turns out, one of the three kids in the area who arrived today has already had a falling out with his host family. Our poor coordinator has him staying at her house while she tries to find another family. Obviously, she didn't go into detail about whatever the conflict was, but I don't envy her position. It must be awful.

The funniest thing was when we got to talking briefly about politics. The one thing her father wanted her to find out was whether or not we supported Trump. She was very relieved when I expressed our very negative opinion of the man, lol.

I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep great because I was so worried about making a good first impression. Overreaction, of course, but now I'm dragging so I better call it a night.

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The Buffy rewatch

Posted on 07/27/2016 at 22:56
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I've made it up through "Flooded" in Season 6 of Buffy, with hopes that we'll get to the musical episode tomorrow night. Alicia made me promise when I started the rewatch that I wouldn't watch it without her, so I've been trying to juggle watching with when I knew she'd be available.

It's easy to see why Spike got to me as hard as he did. And you know what's surprising? Just how much I empathize with Buffy this time around. I adore Willow, don't get me wrong, but her arrogance and hubris are oddly infuriating on this rewatch. Giles's speech about her getting lucky never rang as true as it did this time (which only has me hankering for his appearance at the end of the season, still my absolute favorite moment of his in the entire series).

Craig was reluctant to watch these episodes with me because he can't stand depressed Buffy, and I was kind of agreeing with him. But then we started and, seriously, my heart is breaking for her. What a truly awful place to be in.

The scene with Spike at the tree where he's confronting Xander about why Willow shut him out reminded me of one of the most haunting fics I ever read. It's called That Thing with Feathers by Fallowdoe. It's short and compelling, so if you haven't read it before, I highly recommend it. I mean, think about it. It's been thirteen years since I first read it. It's not even 2000 words long. And I *still* think about that short story from time to time.

I even went back and found my original review of it over at FFnet. This was what I said then, and I think it's still more than valid:

I had to read this through a couple times, because I finished it the first time in shock, my heart just on the floor.

This was absolutely rending, and painful, and so beautifully written. Thank you, even though I think my heart is still in tatters.

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Star Trek Beyond

Posted on 07/26/2016 at 22:54
We went to a matinee of Star Trek today.

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Only one week left

Posted on 07/26/2016 at 00:04
Both of my kids are officially registered for high school now. All I have to do at this point is get our exchange student registered early next week--hopefully on Monday, since that's the first day of school--and we'll be all set.

Alicia's schedule is tough. She has four AP classes, but three band classes to help counter that. I had more than one parent express concern for her today when we were talking about it, but honestly, I'm not too worried. Alicia thrives under pressure, and both she and Alex see education as something to be taken advantage of, not avoided. Craig spent a lot of time talking to the principal today--she really likes him, though I tease him it's just the accent that gets to her, lol--and she kept referring to our kids as "special cases." Which makes me both sad and annoyed. Sad that they're working so hard just to make sure most kids graduate that accelerated kids are seen as the exception, and annoyed because wanting the most education you can get shouldn't be considered "special."

I'm looking forward to having our routine back. Life will be busy, sure, but the fact of the matter is, I miss the structure and predictability. Only one more week before I get it back!

In unrelated news, my cousin's wife had their third child earlier this week. We'd been debating names for it when we were visiting in Michigan a couple weeks ago, but nothing was decided. This is my very progressive, wants to live off the grid cousin whose oldest daughter is named Luighseath--pronounced Lucy--and his son is named Phineas--with an unofficial middle name of Strawberry Five. They actually picked a really pretty name for the baby. Cosette Estelle. I just cringe thinking of how many Les Miz comments she's going to get her whole life. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they just call her Cosie, to be honest.

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Is it too early to mourn?

Posted on 07/24/2016 at 19:48
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In all my catching up today, I found out that there's only going to be one more season of Black Sails. Cue my sadness.

It's selfish, I know. Better to go out on its own terms, and it's not like it doesn't have a built-in deadline since it's a prequel. It was always supposed to be about the rise of Silver and how he became Flint's enemy, but I'm still uber bummed that I'm only getting one more season. Ten more episodes in 2017. I'm mourning it already.

I'm sure I'll get my Tom fix in other ways. He's working pretty consistently, even if it's not always the greatest show. I even sat and watched his part in Barbarians Rising, which considering the show was pretty boring says a lot, lol. But how could I not when we got shots like this?

Tom doesn't help my fangirling, though. Have you seen some of the pictures he posts on his Instagram? Shots like this make me hanker after working on that daddy Percival story I started before life got crazy:

Maybe once school starts I'll be able to get some actual writing done again. I want to work on that, plus we're just finishing up season 5 of Buffy, which has my favorite version of Spike, and it's hard not to be inspired by that, too. Not to mention all the original stories bouncing around in my head.



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Maybe now I'm back...

Posted on 07/23/2016 at 22:58
Man, every time I intend to come back these days, I end up getting caught up in busy real life stuff and failing to post again. All I can say this time is that I hope this time sticks. :P

We are six days away from our exchange student arriving. We're all more than a little excited. There was a host family get-together today with the local coordinator, though Alicia couldn't make it. She's currently at drum major camp and won't get home until tomorrow. But it sounds like our families have a lot in common, all the way down to some of our planned getaways for our students, lol. I'm not quite ready for her, but hopefully I'll have that fixed by Tuesday.

Alex had his registration this past week for school, and unsurprisingly, they messed up his schedule the same way Alicia's got messed up last year. For whatever reason, the school finds it hard to believe that any student would want to take two math classes at the same time. We put in a change so he can get his algebra 2/trig class along with his geometry class. Fingers crossed it goes through. His eighth grade teacher approved of it already so it should be a formality. Hopefully.

Alicia's registration is Monday. Craig and I have to work the Band Boosters table on Monday, too, though different shifts. We'll have to wait for a lull in the lines so the one of us not working can take her through.

Otherwise, life goes on in our house. Craig goes to Sacramento tomorrow to pick up Alicia from camp, while I need to buckle down and get some edits done. And I'm going to get back to my posting routine tomorrow. I mean it this time, lol.

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Home again

Posted on 07/13/2016 at 22:20
I am home from Barcelona, and while it was a lovely trip, there's something to be said about being around your own stuff, lol. I'm in major catch-up mode because I'm so far behind on everything, so I won't post what (few) pictures I have until tomorrow. I still have a crap-ton of things to get done and as I'm still struggling a bit with jet lag, I'm not quite up to it tonight.

I'm considering being a masochist and signing up for pornalot. I didn't do summer pornathon last year, and little snippets of smut are always doable, especially since this isn't team based. Anyone else doing it?

One of my favorite parts of Barcelona? Discovering that one of my favorite brands, Desigual, has a store on practically every corner and that our hotel was across the plaza from the flagship store. I didn't buy any clothes for myself--even though I was tempted--but I did get myself a new purse, as well as a few gifts for other people. I love their style. So funky and fun.

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Let the vacation begin

Posted on 06/28/2016 at 23:00
After a whirlwind weekend of getting Alicia and Alex to their summer programs (Alicia flew to Baltimore for a leadership course, while we drove Alex to LA for a computer science course), we are now in Michigan for the start of our vacation. We're staying with my aunt and uncle at their house on Silver Lake, while my baby sister and her family along with my mom will come up from NC on Thursday. Craig and I are in the RV so the others can have rooms in the house, which is just fine by me. We've got privacy for the most part, though we still have to go inside to shower.

We're here until the morning of the 4th, when we drive back down to Chicago and get on a plane that night for Barcelona. Craig will be in their office Wednesday-Friday during the day, but we'll have the evenings, the weekend, and Monday to be tourists before we fly back on Tuesday the 12th.

I'm relaxing already, to be honest. I adore my aunt and uncle, and it's been too long since I've seen anyone on this side of the family other than my sister and my mom. We figured it out. The last time I was here was in 2008. It's nice to get back to my roots for a little while.

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People suck

Posted on 06/23/2016 at 23:02
The world makes me sad today. I had to unfollow old high school friends who think anyone looking for gun reform is a hypocrite and stealing all their rights, my community turned their nose up at yet another attempt to raise money to improve local fire stations, and then Brexit happened.

I'm sick and tired of how selfish this world has become. We're governed by fear, acting out of ignorance and hatred, and putting our personal desires above the needs of the many. It's a plague, and it feels like it's spreading. It's been fueled by the transparency cast upon those in power who've abused the systems for their own gains with a thousand other factors thrown into the mix. The same nativism that made Brexit occur is alive and well here in the US, and the divide is growing deeper between those of us who want a better world for tomorrow and those others who are more interested in their personal worlds of right now. It's terrifying to think about where it could all go to.

All of Craig and my jokes about moving to the UK if Trump gets elected have now had to shift. Now, we're thinking Canada. At the very least, it's a huge ass country and we can hide from the rest of the ugly world if it comes down to it. ;)

Talk about miserable weeks. This cold has been nasty, though it seems like I'm finally starting to come out on the other side of it. Little sleep, no appetite...on the plus side, I'm down seven pounds from Monday. There was a day of constant sneeze/cough combos that was no fun, and the morning I woke up with my eyes completely sealed shut from the crap that seems determined to escape my head. Now, I'm at the everything loosening up in my chest stage, which means constant coughing jags and lots of icky mucus.

Another bonus is tons of time on the couch with movies and Netflix. I've made it up to The Zeppo in season 3 of Buffy, mostly because S3 is my favorite and I find myself unable to stop watching in spite of the episodes I don't care for. Man, I've missed this show so much. I can't believe I've gone this long without a rewatch.

I saw that hc_bingo started up again when I got online today. It's been a few years since I last tried it, so I decided to give it a go.

My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

Of course, I've not been in any place to write for the last week but hopefully that will change soon.

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Posted on 06/15/2016 at 07:25
In spite of all my efforts last night, I have not been asleep for over 24 hours. This cold is kicking my ass. Deep congestion has settled in along with frog voice, and nothing I could do last night could get me into a place of sleep. No meds, no position, nothing. Around 4am, my stomach started grumbling like crazy because all I've had in the past two days is a bowl of cereal and two cheese sticks, so I gave up sticking it out in my bedroom and came downstairs to force-feed myself another bowl of cereal. I just don't feel hungry, but at least I'm not nauseous about it. The grumbling is just annoying.

I don't have high hopes for today. My brain is starting to get foggy, which makes work impossible, and nothing is making me tired enough to get past the uncomfortableness of the cold to sleep. For now, I'll just curl up and read. Even if it doesn't make me sleepy, at least it'll mean knocking another book of my TBR.

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Who doesn't love Oz?

Posted on 06/13/2016 at 21:44
Last week was insanely busy, hence the non-posting. I've gone through most of my Buffy stuff, so I'll be posting more pics this week and at some point putting up a post of a few items I'm getting rid of, mostly things I have duplicates of. I've also made more headway into my Buffy rewatch. I just finished S2's "Phases." A few general observations:

1. I love Oz more than ever.
2. Even though I'm now a mom of a teenaged girl, I still don't get or really like Joyce very much. Her choices annoy the crap out of me.
3. I miss Giles the Romantic.
4. I'm both dreading and looking forward to the Angelus stuff. Boreanaz is never better than when he gets to be Angelus, and yet, knowing what is to come makes my heart hurt.
5. Drusilla seems creepier this time around. I don't know why. It could be Alicia's commentary about her being creepy affecting my judgment, lol.

I was able to watch four episodes today because I'm currently sick. Alex got a bad cold about three weeks ago, then a week later, Craig caught it. I was able to avoid it for the most part and did the heavy lifting around the household. Until last night when my throat started to hurt and I started to get blocked up. I woke up this morning with a fever which ran fairly high for most of the day. I spent most of the day curled up on the couch, watching TV and sleeping. The fever is gone now and hopefully will stay that way, though the other symptoms are still going strong. The only bright side to this is at least I'm sick now and not two weeks from now. Because in two weeks, we're flying to Michigan where we'll visit family for a week before we fly on to Barcelona. Craig has to go for his work and since both kids will be at their summer programs then, he invited me to come along. This is his first Barcelona trip that coincided with a time when I could accompany him, so I'm a bit excited. We never made it to Spain when I lived in the UK.

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People are dumb

Posted on 06/07/2016 at 21:20
Today was voting here in California, and while I'm good with many of the early results (I'll admit I voted for Bernie, but I have zero problem supporting Hillary), I'm saddened that a local measure looks like it's going to fail. It's to provide our town with a new library, an endeavor we've publicly supported and even put a sign up in our yard about. Our current library is a travesty. Rather than in its own space, the library currently resides in 300 sq. ft. of our high school. It moved there in 1999, with a temporary lease of five years, and lacks many modern necessities. When it started, our town was less than 10k. Now, it's almost 40k and growing incredibly fast.

And our bid to correct this, to bring our town into the 21st century, is about to die. Because people in this community are selfish and don't want to pay taxes for basic services. They say stupid crap like libraries are meaningless in this day and age and all kids have phones anyway.

You think I'd know better than to be surprised. These are the same idiots who vetoed the tax that would've made it possible to keep our fire stations open. End result there? Two of our five stations were closed, and now our resources are stretched so thin, the entire community is at risk. The five couldn't really cover the growing area. Their selfishness and lack of foresight made it even worse.

What makes it worse is that the same people who are bitching about the library are now saying, "We need to pay for a fire department before we bother with a library." Which they already said no to!!!

Arg. Sometimes I really hate people.

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An excellent weekend

Posted on 06/05/2016 at 22:16
Last night was amazing. Craig and I ate a late lunch, then headed into the city to see Carol Burnett. Oh my god, that woman is in amazing shape for being 83. It was a Q&A like she used to do with her show, interspersed with some clips. It makes me want to get the DVDs that became available not too long ago even more. We had great seats, too. It was at the Orpheum, which is a huge theater, and I got us on the orchestra level, seven rows back, just off center. I didn't think it was possible to adore that woman more than I do, but she was funny, gracious, and just adorable.

My project today was two hours sorting through all my bead supplies. I haven't done it in the past year or so, and my favorite online store just revamped themselves and sent out a huge announcement which got me wishing to go back to it. So first step was reorganizing. I found two necklaces on my board that were waiting for clasps, with the beads and findings for the design on another one just waiting to be put in place. Those will be my first jobs.

I just finished School Hard on my Buffy rewatch. It cracks me up how much Marsters improved from there. And one of my absolute favorite moments in the whole thing is still the look on Willow's face at the end when she's just watching Cordelia pray for help.

"Ask for aspirin."

Hee hee.

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More Buffy stuff

Posted on 06/03/2016 at 17:08
I spent a couple hours today going through more Buffy stuff, mostly because I promised Craig I would have boxes ready to go in the loft by Sunday. I've made good headway, but there's still a lot to go through. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few more items I'm definitely keeping.

First up, the Gem of Amara...

Gem of Amara...ishCollapse )

Next up, the Buffy backpack...

BackpackCollapse )

I couldn't resist when I saw the Buffy lunchbox...

Buffy lunchboxCollapse )

And I can't believe I bought a Buffy towel set...

Buffy towel setCollapse )

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At least it's Thursday

Posted on 06/02/2016 at 22:01
I did some more sorting through of my Buffy stuff and found stuff I'd forgotten I owned. Like DVDs of S6 dailies. And my Buffy Role-Playing Core Rulebook. And a couple boxes that had apparently never even been opened. Oops. My goal is to have it mostly sorted by the end of Sunday so I'll be able to figure out what else I can get rid of then. Hopefully.

My eye appointment this morning didn't have very surprising results. I've suspected for a while that I needed a stronger prescription for my reading glasses, and lo and behold, I do. My distance is still good, though my right eye is showing signs of starting to weaken, but no need for any correction yet. I was excited about getting new frames, but the glasses I liked the most I had to nix because I know from previous experience those types end up being annoying. I ended up with another lightweight purple frame, though they're a little squarer than my current pair.

Alex's graduation from 8th grade is tomorrow afternoon, but in spite of our 100+ temperatures this week, they're still having the ceremony outside. It's going to be awful. They've offered to stream it into the gym for people to sit in there and watch on screens if they want, but we're not doing it. It just doesn't feel right.

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How is it June already?

Posted on 06/01/2016 at 21:49
I can't believe it's June already. I well and truly can't.

The past couple days have been busy. Monday was my 17th wedding anniversary, but it was a pretty low-key kind of day. Craig and I are actually celebrating on Saturday by going into San Francisco to see Carol Burnett in the evening, so Monday was a family day. It's also the last week of school, which means a ton of activities for the kids and more running around for me. I ended up crashing last night. At 6:30, I laid down to rest a teeny bit, then didn't wake up for three hours. Too late to go to the gym and completely ruined other plans for getting much done. Even worse, I couldn't fall back asleep for the night until 1:30 am.

I've finished S1 of Buffy and started S2. There's a lot I like about S2, but this first episode is not part of it. Moody/shutting everybody out Buffy is never one of my favorite versions of her, but it feels like we always seem to get her at the start of each season. Well, not S4 and S5, but the rest of them at least. Part of what I love about her and the show is the ensemble and how they are as a team. That's the dynamic I love best.

In my Buffy merch organizing, I found my comics. I'm not generally talking about the post show stuff (though I have a couple, I think), but rather those that came out while the show was still on. I'll have to find a list online to see how complete the collection is. I feel like a bad Buffy fan for having zero interest in season 8 stuff and beyond, though, especially since Spuffy comes back for a while.

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Buffy chess

Posted on 05/30/2016 at 18:09
I couldn't resist sharing another Buffy set today. This is something else that I got when I lived in the UK. Believe it or not, Tesco's sold Buffy chess sets in their toy department one year. I picked mine up for twelve pounds, though they went on clearance for less than ten a couple months later. When I moved to the US in 2004, I found US dealers selling them at conventions for $75, lol.

My set isn't in the original cellophane because I couldn't resist opening it to see what the pieces looked like. I've never taken the pieces out, however, and I've only opened the board once (I didn't take a picture of it, it's a black and purple chess board). The quality of the pieces isn't great. They're lightweight plastic, and the likenesses are pretty funny at how bad they are. But it was sold as a toy for a low-ish price point, so what can you expect? I love it to pieces, even though it's clearly an early season version. There is no way I'm ever parting with it, lol.

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Buffy mugs

Posted on 05/30/2016 at 09:34
I'm not really on long enough for a real post, but I've been reading the responses to my Buffy memorabilia post/questions (and will respond tonight most likely). When I was getting my coffee this morning for breakfast, I thought, "Hey, people are curious about my Buffy stuff. I should show these."

What "these" are, are the two Buffy coffee cups I have. Back when the show was still on when I lived in the UK, Craig got me the Buffy Easter Egg box one year, and with the egg was this cup. I loved it so much I scoured all the stores until I found a second, so now I have two. I never spirited these away for being a collectable. These got opened and used and have been a much loved part of my kitchen for over a decade now. They get used all the time especially when my FIL is here and we drink more tea. It's too small for me to have my morning coffee (which is when I drink most of my coffee), but my FIL knows I don't like dainty cups of tea, either. :)

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Buffy memorabilia

Posted on 05/28/2016 at 17:15
One of the few negatives to getting our foreign exchange student in two months is our spare room. We actually have two in the house, but the one upstairs gets used only once a year at Thanksgiving because the one downstairs has an en suite. We decided the upstairs one would be our student's bedroom. It's between the kids and next to the bathroom, and my FIL can still have his en suite when he comes to stay with us in the winter.

That bedroom, however, is not empty. I've used it for storage since we moved in here in 2009. Specifically, I used it to store all my memorabilia, 90% of which is Buffy. Hence, that room has always been dubbed the Buffy room.

Now that someone will be using the room, I need to find a new place to store all my stuff. And there is a *lot*. Like...boxes. Three 8-foot shelf/drawer units full, and six boxes in the closet. I don't need it all, not by a long shot, so I started going through it. The problem is, I don't know what to do with items I don't want to keep, but I'm reluctant to just give them away, too.

What do people do with stuff they don't want anymore? I don't want to hassle with eBay. I haven't been on there in four years since my account there got hacked, and I don't trust it to go back. Do I have other options? Help!

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Posted on 05/28/2016 at 13:17
I'm cranky. I have a cyst on my left ovary that's been bugging me for a couple weeks now, and the last two days have been especially bad. I just wish the damn thing would burst already so at least it would be over with. Nothing is helping. :(

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Sometimes my life is so boring

Posted on 05/26/2016 at 23:04
Watching "Nightmares" was hard. I've never hated Hank more than I do in this episode, even though I know it's not real. They are the words every child of divorce is terrified of hearing, and Buffy's reaction is perfectly genuine. She broke my heart. And don't get me started on how painful Giles' nightmare is with her death. Damn.

Otherwise, it was a pretty boring day. Lots of work done. Game night with the kids. Going to the gym. Tomorrow night is the 8th grade dance, and Alex shocked me by wanting to go. So I'm working it since it's his last middle school function.

Oh, and I'm taking my first tai chi class in the morning. Fingers crossed I don't hurt myself, lol.

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The Puppet Show

Posted on 05/25/2016 at 22:41
You know, for as much as I don't like season 1 of Buffy, I absolutely adore "The Puppet Show." Sid the Dummy is wonderful, we get introduced to Principal Snyder, and there's that truly awful coda scene with Willow, Buffy, and Xander trying to act. This one is worth sitting through S1, for sure.

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I seem to be on a roll

Posted on 05/24/2016 at 22:55
I went back to yoga today for the first time in over two years. I was a bit nervous about it, which turned out to be pretty silly on my part. I might not be the strongest or thinnest in the room, but outside of the teacher, I am always the most flexible, and I always seem to forget that. I just take my flexibility for granted almost all of the time. It's not until I get confronted with proof that others can't automatically bend in the way I can that I remember it.

Which is all a long way of saying I had fun. I even went back tonight for a cardio workout on the elliptical. Go me. Of course, I had four tacos for dinner so I felt like I needed the extra exercise to work it off anyway, lol.

I got home and watched the next episode of season 1, the demon in the internet episode. Best part about it will always be the introduction of Jenny. Her exchange with Giles--"I'll be in the Middle Ages." "Did you ever leave?"--still makes me laugh out loud. I love how she challenges him. God, I'm going to break when she gets killed later.

On a completely unrelated note, I have had Beatles songs going through my head since Sunday, with no respite in sight. I watched "Across the Universe" for the first time Sunday night, so yeah, that's why the music has stuck. I absolutely loved the movie, by the way. I was stunned at how well integrated the songs were and how they became completely new to me just because of the context. Sure, it gets psychedelic in parts, but the singing is incredible. I'm a little in love with Dana Fuchs, who played Sadie. She was stunning.

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Bits of TV

Posted on 05/23/2016 at 22:29
Craig is in Seattle until Wednesday so I'm on my own with the kids for a couple days. Today turned out pretty productive, actually. I've reorganized a lot to try and gain some control back, and so far, it seems to be working.

I tried watching Preacher this evening, but that show is a no go for me. I couldn't even finish the pilot. I don't think I'm the audience for it as it all just felt too disjointed for me to appreciate.

I did, however, watch another Buffy episode, "Angel," which just makes me appreciate how much better Boreanaz got over the years. And makes me want to smack Buffy for being a dumb teenager. She always seemed to lose brain cells when it came to Angel. But he was pretty, there's no denying that.

Best TV news of the day, however, was finding out season 3 of Peaky Blinders will be on Netflix on the 31st. Woo hoo! I love that damn show, and I'm so eager to find out what comes next.

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Maybe I can still write long fics

Posted on 05/22/2016 at 20:24
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Many thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts about my mom. She's doing better, thank goodness. The drugs seem to have made the pain more manageable, though she's not a fan of the Cymbalta and how it makes her feel spacey. She has another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, and we've all impressed upon her that she needs to bring up the option of physical therapy or a chiropractor or risk us calling her doctor ourselves. Fingers crossed she actually does what she's told.

I had a weekend mostly to myself. Craig took the kids to Maker Faire, while I stayed home. I treated myself to a spa pedicure today and a little bit of shopping, and yesterday, I decided to start a Buffy rewatch. It's been four years since I tried it the last time, and I didn't get through S5 then, but that was when I was trying to watch it with a friend who had just had a baby. As soon as the baby started getting more in control (and remains in control to this day; at age four, she rules that house, it's a little sad), our watching got dropped. Anyway, I got through the first six episodes of S1 yesterday. No commentary, mostly because it's my least favorite season and I'd rather not watch it at all, but it's not a thorough rewatch without it.

On the other hand, I actually got a bunny from "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date." I can't remember the last time I had a Buffy bunny. Of course, I've been away from the fandom for so long I have no idea if anyone has ever played with Owen as a character, and it's been so long since I watched, I can't remember if Owen is ever mentioned again, either. If anyone out there has information about either question, please feel free to throw it at me. I'm not sure if it'll end up affecting anything, because the more I think about it, the more interested I get in it. Who knew?

On top of that, the most recent prompt at camelot_drabble had us looking at the donate-a-prompt post for our theme this week, and lo and behold, a prompt jumped out at me that I've been dying to do for ages. As a long fic. *headthunk* So now I have a long Merlin fic bunny idea, too.

I'm seeing all of this as my muse's way of screaming at me, "It's time to write again, dummy!" I've been editing for the last six months, with only a few fic pieces along the way.

Including my story for camelotremix The reveal was yesterday, and I wrote a story called Faithfully. It was a remix of violeteyedhair's Gaius/Uther story, An Honor to Serve You. She'd specifically marked it as one she was most interested in seeing remixed, so how could I resist?

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Yep, that was a Monday

Posted on 05/16/2016 at 22:05
Today was a kill kill day. Craig and I had a fight when we were both short-tempered, though when he got home four hours later, we both apologized for our bad moods. Somebody made a pot of coffee this morning without the filter basket so there were coffee grounds everywhere. I haven't been able to sleep for more than 5 1/2 hours in over a week, and cramps just about broke me twice today. There were a dozen smaller mishaps, too, but they just made it all worse. I am so glad it's almost bedtime.

I've been stressed because Alicia is having boyfriend issues and I keep getting caught in the middle. She's not sure she wants to go out any longer, but she doesn't want to hurt his feelings, so she's hoping their separation over the summer will cause them to drift apart. Which it won't because he's the type who doesn't give up. I don't agree with her methodology and told her so when we talked about it, but it all makes me sick to my stomach. He's a good kid. :(

On the flip side to that, we had a great two-hour Skype conversation yesterday with our exchange student who will be arriving in July. We got to meet her parents, and everybody was able to ask questions back and forth. We're going to give them a virtual tour in our next Skype call in a few weeks. She's absolutely lovely, and she seems so excited about coming. We filled them in on some of the plans we have, like a trip to the Grand Canyon next winter (my kids have never been, and it seems like a great opportunity), going to LA where she can see all the touristy stuff including Disney and Universal, and the nature stuff like Yosemite and Muir Woods. I thought she was going to bounce out of her chair, lol. Our local coordinator jokes with me that our student hit the jackpot with us, but frankly--and I told both her and our student this--we feel like the lucky ones. She just seems like she's going to be such a good fit, and she and Alicia are getting along so well already.

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A few more meme responses

Posted on 05/15/2016 at 21:17
Without any spoilers, we loved Captain America yesterday. Not surprised. It does surprise me that the CA movies turned into my favorites in the entire Marvel franchise, though.

And because I've had a long day, I'm going to be frivolous and just post a couple more meme responses.

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A few meme responses

Posted on 05/14/2016 at 08:51
We're heading out to see Captain America this morning, but I wanted to write up a few of the fandom meme responses now in case more came in.

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The week in review

Posted on 05/13/2016 at 18:55
I'm dead from this week. It started out with me finishing up edits. Tuesday night was the Band Boosters meeting for the high school. I'm on the board next year as secretary, which means more responsibility for me. Then Wednesday and Thursday, I spent baking for the band's concert on Thursday night, but first, on Wednesday, was the parent meeting for the leadership program at the high school. Alicia applied to be a part of it and got in, which basically means a ton of new responsibilities. The concert went great, and we made over $1200 from the raffle and the bake sale, which is pretty good for our school.

But at least it's Friday, and in spite of it being crazy this week, I'm feeling a bit more in control.

Oh, and did I mention I'm now on the board for the e-publishing organization I've been a part of for the past ten years? More responsibility, but I'm hoping to make a difference there.

Other bits and pieces from this week...

My gift from camelotremix was posted this week, and it's wonderful. A fantastic anonymous remixed my Balinor/Hunith story, A Charmed Life, by writing it from Merlin's POV. It's called Outside Looking In, and it's got Merlin/Arthur as well. Go check it out!

This meme is going around, so I'm going to do it, too.

Comment with a fandom (or more than one) and I'll answer (if I can):

The character I least understand:
Interactions I enjoyed the most:
The character who scares me the most:
The character who is most like me:
Hottest looking character:
One thing I dislike about my favorite character:
One thing I like about my hated character:
A quote or scene that haunts me:
A death that left me indifferent:
A character I wish died but didn't:
My ship that never sailed:

My fandoms include (but aren't limited to): Buffy, Angel, Hunger Games, Merlin, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Black Sails, Call the Midwife, iZombie, How to Get Away with Murder, The Blacklist. (I'm sure there are more, so if I'm forgetting something because it's been an insanely long week, please go ahead and mention it.)

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Books update - 2016

Posted on 05/08/2016 at 22:54
I've been remiss about updating the list of books I've read this year so far, mostly because I haven't really enjoyed or been blown away by most of what I'm choosing to read so far. But I'm going to update it now, even if it's embarrassing I'm only at 17 for 2016.

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30-day Challenge - Day 20

Posted on 05/06/2016 at 20:15

Day 20: Concerts you have attended

My first reaction when I saw this was it wasn't worth a post. I don't really do concerts. Except the more I thought about, the more I realized I'd seen. Most of them were in college. Before Craig, I always seemed to get involved with guys who were obsessed with music.

But back then...I saw Sting in concert three times, mostly because he was my single favorite musician for a really long time. Some interesting opening acts. Concrete Blonde. Vinx (who still astounds me). I got to see Billy Idol after his motorcycle accident. He came out onstage leaning heavily on his cane, got to center stage, then kicked it off to the sound amidst raucous cheers. Pretty awesome.

Let's see, who else...REM was amazing. My ex-husband dragged me to see Rush twice, but I'm not a fan so I didn't have fun at those. He also dragged me to a tour of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe, another that he loved beyond reason. He got us tickets on the ground floor, about eight rows back, but I had an all-nighter for school the night before and then had to work after class, so when he picked me up after, I was exhausted. I fell asleep halfway through the concert, which he never let me forget. He was so pissed that I could dare fall asleep that he dragged me out halfway through. I should've realized then what an asshole he was, lol.

Craig and I haven't seen that many concerts together. We saw Matchbox 20 when we were still dating, and he took me to see Barry Manilow a few years back. Then there was my Buffy fandom phase. Kane a few times. Tons of Ghost of the Robot, including my favorite story about when I saw them in Edinburgh (it's here on my site, the June 25 entry). I still have the pictures from that night, including the one where I got the kiss on the cheek. One of my favorite fandom moments.

So I guess I did have something to say about the concerts I've gone to. :)

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30-day Challenge - Day 19

Posted on 05/05/2016 at 22:26
I'm skipping some of the next few days on the 30 day challenge meme. Someone I fancy? I just posted celebrity crushes, which leaves Craig and that's obvious. What would I do on my last day? Spend it with my family. Probably on a boat because that would make them happy. What do I want to be when I get older? Alive is trite, and I'm already doing a lot of what I want. TV show I'm addicted to? Meh. Nothing right now that I can't live without. There are shows that I obsess when they're on, like Black Sails, but on the hiatus, that has ebbed.

Which gets me to day 19.

Day 19: A list of all the places you've lived at.

It's a long list. With duplicates. I've moved a *lot* in my life, and I don't even have a military family to blame it on. This is from birth. Each new number is a move. This does not include multiple addresses in the same city unless they weren't concurrent.

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I don't mean to keep disappearing

Posted on 05/04/2016 at 20:49
Ack. I didn't mean to disappear again. It was just a busy weekend followed by a busy week and it feels like I'm not stopping any time soon. We just got back from a festival at the high school where Alex could walk around and see what kind of clubs and activities are available next year when he starts. Last night, it was an early Mother's Day dinner because Craig has work stuff he should concentrate on, on Sunday. And it goes on and on.

The worst part of it is I think I'm getting sick again. My throat and ears started hurting today. I really don't need this right now. Especially in light of all the recent political stuff. I just want this election process over. I'm terrified of worst case scenarios, and I'm tired of all the venom getting spewed from every corner. I've always known there was an ugly underbelly to this nation, but the sheer selfishness that's been on display completely derails my faith in humanity.

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30-day Challenge - Day 14

Posted on 04/26/2016 at 21:09

Day 14: Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes.

Since life has been too hectic lately, I'm going superficial and frivolous today. I picked all men, but only because I could've picked 5 women, too, and I would've hated to narrow it down. Maybe I'll do a part 2 and post the women tomorrow.

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Some days, you just hate the world

Posted on 04/25/2016 at 23:01
I wish I could say it was a good day, but slogging through this edit was nightmarish. Five hours, and I only managed thirty pages. I'd been aiming for forty-eight because that would keep me on track to get it back by the date the editor requested, but I'm not so sure I'm going to make that. The worst part is, I've got to the point where I start doubting every choice I make and wondering why in hell I'm doing all this in the first place.

I kind of want to cry when I think about all the work I have ahead of me and how little time I have to do it.

So I'll bitch about TV. Specifically, iZombie. Cut in case people haven"t finished the seasonCollapse )

I need to get back to that 30-day meme soon. I'm only on day 14. :P

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Drive by

Posted on 04/06/2016 at 10:18
Thanks, everyone, for the congrats for Alicia! I've passed them along to her. :)

We got home last night about midnight, and I'm in major catch-up mode. I leave next Tuesday for my annual RT convention and I'm gone for six days, which means I have a ton of crap to get done before then. I have two fics to write before the 15th, neither of which is working out the way I want, Alicia has a tournament this weekend, I have the promo to pull together before I leave on Tuesday, and I still have to find a way to get everything else done that we do on a daily basis.

So basically, this is my way of apologizing for being scarce on commenting for the next two weeks. I'll be reading when I need a break, though, so hopefully I'll be able to at least keep up with what's going on out there. :)

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My brilliant daughter

Posted on 04/05/2016 at 12:49
We're at the airport to head home, but I have time to get on LJ finally and post about how Alicia did.

She came in 2nd place in her category, woo hoo!

To say I'm proud is an understatement. These are smart kids, and to have her place that well when it's a nationwide contest blows my mind.

Alicia is more than okay with how she did. The winner in her category created a computer program to simulate certain instruments, while the grand prize winner was a girl who wrote an app to help prevent cyberbullying.

Like I said. These were some pretty smart kids. :)

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Safely in Cambridge

Posted on 04/02/2016 at 19:46
We are safely ensconced in our hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, helping Alicia finish putting together her visual presentation. Registration is at MIT in the morning, where she will drop off her presentation for Monday, then she's got a tour and other things in the afternoon. Judging is on Monday. Six hours for her while judges go around the room. She can get visited at any time, and when she does, she has to give a 5-minute minimum oral presentation to go along with her display (with the understanding that none of the judges will have read her paper so she needs to relay all her information), and then a Q&A of whatever the judge deems important. She is going to be exhausted on Monday night. However, there's a $1000 prize for first and $750 for second in each category (she's one of four in the music category), as well as $10,000, $5000, and $3000 prizes that encompass all of them (best overall, most original, and fan favorite as voted on by the public who view them after the judging is over, respectively). It'll all be worth it in the end. At the very least, she gets a ton of recognition, it'll boost her self-confidence, and strengthen her communication skills. Not to mention it's going to look great on her college application.

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I didn't need this, too

Posted on 03/31/2016 at 13:30
Crap. I just got an email reminder about promo at RT in less than two weeks, and I only just realized that more than half of my promo centers around the publisher that just closed its doors yesterday. I'm home only 7 of the 12 days before I fly to Vegas, so I guess it's time to get creative. :P

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30-day Challenge - Day 13

Posted on 03/30/2016 at 21:09

Day 13: Three confessions of your choice

I debated on this one probably longer than I needed to. There are so many ways to take this. It all comes down to what I'm willing to share about myself (I'm actually much more open and willing to it as I get older, I find, mostly because I've stopped caring as much what others might think) and how it might make people feel. In the end, I opted for weird confessions.

1. I can't walk on anything in the ground that looks like it's covering up a hole. Manhole covers. Grates. Those metal doors that hide stairs that go into basements. Anybody who walks down a sidewalk with me will witness me deliberately walking around said items or waiting for people to pass so I have a clear path around. I have even been known to step off the sidewalk to avoid it completely if I have to. Don't bother explaining the engineering that makes this really foolish on my part. It's not going to change anything. I have done it almost all of my life, and I don't see it ending any time soon.

2. I tidy shelves in stores when I go shopping. Especially if it's a section that has to be alphabetical, like books or movies or CDs. I've been known to stand in front of a display and fold shirts that other people have left in disarray, even if I'm not interested in the garments myself.

3. I love Barry Manilow. In fact, Craig took me to see him in concert in 2008, and I adored every single second of it. I sing along to any song of his I hear and usually know all the words.

With those out of the way, today was a baking day. Craig has a co-worker who is leaving the company and her big going away party is tomorrow. So yesterday, Craig asked me to make cookies for him to take. I was already planning on making the sugar cookies for Alicia to give to her boyfriend, so I figured it was no big deal.

Eleven dozen cookies later...lol.

Actually, it's fun. The most frustrating were the sugar cookies. I hate making sugar cookies. Frankly, they're too fussy for what is essentially a very bland cookies so I never bother. But I wanted to help Alicia out, so I sucked it up. I have Star Wars cookie cutters I got from Williams-Sonoma, so I used those to make a dozen or so for her to decorate tonight. That dozen cookies took me longer than any of the others, and that's including baking time. I did German chocolate cake cookies, a raspberry crumble bar, and orange creamsicle cookies. I even left a few out for the kids to have afterward...Pic behind cutCollapse )

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